Mind Of La E

A glimpse at Life thru my eyes

Dear Single Mama

You don't need anyone to validate you. You validate you. You get up every morning, feed your babies, take them to school, make sure that they are taken care of even though you're walking around looking like a hot mess.... Continue Reading →

Lakeside Thoughts

Trying to find the words to say the thoughts that are on my mind. Just when I believe there is hope for humanity, I lose all hope in me. But time and time and time again, I remind myself that... Continue Reading →

New Beginnings

Every so often we need a fresh start to reboot our lives and begin a new chapter. These "reboots" are necessary periodically in order for growth to take place. We cannot evolve as a being if we remain put and... Continue Reading →

Birth Day

Each year I grow one year more. Not only in age but in my entirety. I grow in every aspect of Me & my Life. Everything that makes me, Me. With each passing year I am blessed with, I grow... Continue Reading →

Pay Attention

Often we are deceived by our own ignorance. And because of our lack of knowledge, we fall victim. You may have a kind heart and the purest intentions, but the world is full of evil. Evil exists in many, and... Continue Reading →

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