Mind Of La E

A glimpse at Life thru my eyes

Pay Attention

Often we are deceived by our own ignorance. And because of our lack of knowledge, we fall victim. You may have a kind heart and the purest intentions, but the world is full of evil. Evil exists in many, and... Continue Reading →

Raising the Future

Life's first teachers are Parents. It is our duty to educate our children and show them right from wrong. To discipline them, and teach them morals & principles. But in order for that tree to grow strong, it must have... Continue Reading →

A Path Of My Own

Walking a straight path is impossible. There is no such thing as a straight path. For years I was convinced that I was creating a path of my own, when really, God had this plan for me all along. I... Continue Reading →


My mind is steady racing, taking on these challenges of the adversity I'm facing. Contemplating life, & the only conclusion is: cant live it twice. Unfair for most yet Im feeling blessed. Im healthy, no longer alone nonetheless. Feeling threatened... Continue Reading →


The world is in chaos, and most believe that there is no hope. But even after snowstorms, the flowers grow again. People are so consumed in their own emotions that they disregard other's feelings, completely dismissing the fact that living... Continue Reading →

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