Mind Of La E

A glimpse at Life thru my eyes

Do Your Thang

Hey you. Yeah, you. The one who's been pulling through for quite some time now. I see you... killing it! Though many may not know your struggles nor understand your hustle, keep it up. You're doing awesome! Though many try... Continue Reading →

Enjoy The Ride

What's the rush? Ain't none of us getting out of this alive. Slow your role. You are bound to get where you're going. Speeding to get there won't get you there any faster. Stay open to the possibilities. Where you... Continue Reading →

Lose To Win

Not everything you lose is a loss. Some losses should be celebrated as victories. The hardest part is accepting the loss, the victory comes afterwards. It is not until you accept your loss that you truly see how much you... Continue Reading →

Be Love

Have you ever felt like love wasn't a thing that was meant for you? Despite how much you yearned for it, how much you gave it, you were never meant for it. Love was always transparent on the giving end.... Continue Reading →

Dear Angel

It's been a while since I've spoken to you. I wanted to say thank you. I want you to know how much I appreciate you and how important you are to me. You have helped shape me into the woman... Continue Reading →

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