You don’t need anyone to validate you. You validate you. You get up every morning, feed your babies, take them to school, make sure that they are taken care of even though you’re walking around looking like a hot mess. No one knows you didn’t sleep last night worried because you have bills to pay and tummies to keep full. Who has time for themselves if their life revolves around others that depend on them? So, to hell with those who judge you because of your looks, who judge you because you’re always running around forgetting things. Forget those who judge you instead of asking how you are. You don’t need that negativity. Just know, you are kicking ass! And you are doing it all by yourself. You deserve the world & so much more. Never regret the choices you’ve made thus far, you are doing the right thing for you and your babies. I don’t promise the load will lighten, but every passing day you get stronger. Stronger to continue being the super human you are, Mom. Happy mother’s day! Even though every day is our day, and even though there are no breaks from it, enjoy it. Take delight in the fact that you are molding the future. We are creators of the future! Cheers to all the single mothers who have devoted their lives to raising the future! Though we may not get recognition on a daily basis, that little smile, that little hug & that little “I love you”, is the purest form of love we will ever get. ❤