Trying to find the words to say the thoughts that are on my mind. Just when I believe there is hope for humanity, I lose all hope in me. But time and time and time again, I remind myself that tomorrow’s another day. And some how some way, I find the strength to fight again; Renew my faith and believe.


It’s difficult to love in a world where there’s no trust. Where honesty and purity are never enough, And hearts are ruled by lust.

Where a simple gesture of kindness is mistaken with ill intent. Where the selfish and the greedy cause destruction to their heart’s content.


It’s sad to see the hypocrisy bluntly parading before all eyes. It’s sad to say that people today are blind to reality and don’t realize. The damage they contribute to. The pain and heartache that could be avoided too. If people just softened their heart, Instead of revenge, choose to forgive and love again; Would stop the world from falling apart.

What this world needs is healing. We need to feel again. Get lost in the feeling. Cause that’s what makes us human. That’s what makes us be. The moments that keep on revealing the true essence of our humanity.