Every so often we need a fresh start to reboot our lives and begin a new chapter. These “reboots” are necessary periodically in order for growth to take place. We cannot evolve as a being if we remain put and never continually learning & growing. Sometimes we need a change of pace, a change of place.

It has become somewhat a way of life for me to change with the tides. If I feel the need to change the environment I’m in, I do. If I need to change the company that surrounds me then I do. These changes are all important for my well being and evolution. I’ve come to understand that nothing in the physical world is meant to be permanent. The seasons change, the times change. Even the mountains shift and the land changes. As such, we are meant to keep changing and evolving.

Sometimes we are so stuck in our ways and living so comfortably in our daily routines that we overlook the fact that we weren’t created to live like robots. We are creatures of nature. We are meant to live free & in harmony with one another. We are blinded by the material things of the physical world dismissing the very essence of our existence. Go outside and take a moment to sit in silence. Close your eyes and feel the wind embrace you. Listen to the world and hear what it has to say. Become one with creation, for you are creation.

Change can be scary, and it takes lots of courage to break the pattern. As mighty as the mountains stand, they still move. Believe in yourself. Make the changes that are necessary to reboot your life and evolve into the being you are meant to be.