Life’s first teachers are Parents. It is our duty to educate our children and show them right from wrong. To discipline them, and teach them morals & principles. But in order for that tree to grow strong, it must have a strong foundation. We must be examples onto our children. And show them that this life is not ours, but Gods. That He created us to care for all of creation.

The basics to understanding this is simply understanding the world we live in today. Do not wait until preschool or kindergarten to begin training your child. Take time out to read together. Teach them math and science. All these subjects are vital to life on Earth. If you can establish that knowledge in your child at a young age, you are preparing them for the future. Not only their own, but of the world in its entirety.

I’ve been homeschooling my 4 year old son for almost a year now. Apart from the general subjects taught in school, I am also teaching my son about the Love of God and the importance of it, and the importance of portraying that love to the world. In order for my son to fully understand God’s love for us, he must first understand self love & selfless love. How am I teaching him this?

Planet Earth depends on humans to a certain extent. We play a very important role in the creation of all things. I believe that we were created as guardians of creation to take care of all living organisms on this planet. To be able to understand life, you need to know what it is. From humans, to animals, to plants… All living things matter. If you begin to educate your child with knowledge on how nature works and what makes the world go round, your child will grow with better understanding of what their purpose may be.

Remember, they are our children. They are the future. Love them, and raise them well, and this planet will have hope for a better tomorrow.