Walking a straight path is impossible. There is no such thing as a straight path. For years I was convinced that I was creating a path of my own, when really, God had this plan for me all along. I always knew I served a greater purpose, and had a vague idea about it. But as I keep moving forward, the light starts to reveal truths beyond what I ever expected.

In my early years of Life, a seed was planted within me. A seed that was watered daily by my mother, my father, my teachers in school and at church. In my youth, the Lord revealed my future to me.. though I didn’t understand at that time, I do now. There is only one way, and it isn’t a straight path. It is very narrow. There are lots of twists and turns. You will fall if you do not stay within the light. And even if you try your hardest to stay within the light, you will trip & fall if you are not aware.

The beauty of it all is that blessed are we that walk by faith and not sight. Focus on the final destination. Do not deviate from your path that God has prepared for you.