If you’re like me, we often have the tendency to pick our scabs instead of just letting the wound heal. We know that it will eventually heal but we just keep on picking and picking at it to the point where we’re left with a nasty scar. Not always do we apply the necessary ointment, we don’t even put a bandaid on it. We leave the wound open and exposed, causing it to take much longer to heal. Wounds are unavoidable. They happen. We get hurt, that’s life. Though we cannot control these accidents and mishaps, we can control how we take care of ourselves in the aftermath. Like the scabs, our souls must be left to heal. Don’t go back to what hurt you and keep picking at the situation only making it worse. Let it be. Though scars are certain, don’t unnecessarily make them ugly. Let each scar you wear tell your beautiful story of survival, strength & courage.