Everyday you wake up and live your day as you do. Looking forward towards tomorrow, not looking forward towards tomorrow. Regardless of the life you live, do you live each moment as if it were your last? Are you content with your active status? And how you find yourself this very second? Are you at peace with your self? We aren’t here forever. Like everything, this too shall pass.

As I sat here meditating on my present state of living, I felt a profound peace within me. I thought about the direction in which I’m headed, and the path that I’ve been through to get here. I’ve learned that in Life, nothing is guaranteed. Not even Life itself. Tomorrow is not promised. Not even tonight. All we have in this Life is this moment.

If these were your last 5 minutes of life, could you say that you’re content? Don’t wait until next time to do what you could’ve done this time. You may not get a next time. Always remember to give a hug, share a smile, say “I Love You”  or  “Im Sorry”, “I Forgive You”. Don’t hold a grudge, you’re only harming yourself. Let go, & let live. Always try, and be your best. Clean your house, bake that cake. Read that book. Go on that adventure. Do the things that fill your heart with joy. Live each moment as if it were your last.