Many gals have a misconception of what being sexy is. You can be sexy effortlessly being you. Sexy is a state of being. Sexy is a feeling. You can feel sexy without the need to show too much. Too much skin, too much information. However, there are different levels of sexy.

1. Sexually Attractive or Exciting. At this level of sexy you are seductive, desirable, alluring. You are sensual and sultry, provocative and tempting.

2. Sexually aroused. At this level you feel amorous, lustful; passionate.

3. Exciting; appealing. This level is more of a mental stimulation where you are intriguing and interesting.

You can be sexy no matter your height, your weight, your hair or your skin. Radiate your sexy by embracing who you are, accepting your flaws and loving each one of them. Show off your sexy wearing clothes that compliment your figure, and walking fearlessly towards success.