Life. We should learn from it everyday. We are born into it with presets. Our family, nationality, traditions, etc. As we grow up, not only are we growing physically but also intellectually & spiritually. Or at least, we should be. As a child, we grow up learning what we learn from our family, the land where we grow up in, the lifestyle of the society we partake in. These are all presets that some of us never “outgrow”.

As I’ve grown, I’ve learned that family is not what runs through your veins that makes you family. Its the love, loyalty, that invisible and unbreakable bond that unites you through thick and thin.

And what is nationality? Claim the land that you stand on. Forget where you come from, what matters is where you’re at. What difference does it make whether you are from the north or south if you are paying your dues in the west? Make the difference where you are because it affects you where you are right now.


Take each day as a new experience hence a new lesson shall be learned. Continue to grow not only in age, but in mind & spirit. And continue to feed your soul positive goodness so you live your days joyfully. We only have one life to live, begin by shutting out negativity and embracing all that Life has to offer.