I woke up one day and it was raining. All I saw was gloominess and heard loud thunder. The days went by, and it continued to rain. I asked myself “When will this rain go away?” and the thought of never seeing the sun shine again frightened me. But as the weeks passed and soon the months, I began to see that though the rain never ceased, the sun always remained shining behind the gray clouds that covered the skies. So one day I stepped into the rain, stretched out my arms and started to dance. I danced and spun around and jumped in puddles. As I enjoyed myself in the rain, a bright light creeped out of the darkness in the sky making way for a beautiful rainbow. All I could do was smile. I smiled because that was a reminder of the promise my Heavenly Father had made.

When life is difficult and the possibility for a better day seems hopeless remember that the sun always shines regardless of the weather. Embrace the rainy days, for the rain is what nourishes life on Earth for growth.