10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The first question of the year is “What is your new years resolution?” The most common answers you hear, and ironically from the same person, would be: To lose weight; quit smoking; etc. But the whole purpose of your New Years Resolution is to actually accomplish it. No matter how small or how difficult your resolution is, just do it.

Last year was a difficult year for many of us. Many lost their homes, their jobs, their loved ones, even their pride. Even though it took so much, it also gave us something more valuable in return. I personally have gained wisdom, strength, courage and new hope to take on the new year in a whole approach. Use the knowledge you have gained from all the experiences the year has given you and make this year a year of self-empowerment. When you voted for Obama, you voted for him because you wanted change. How do you expect someone to change your world if you can’t make any changes yourself? Change starts within. Begin the new year with making changes in your life. Change your look or redecorate your home. Change your attitude, maybe that’s why things don’t always work out for you. Change your attitude towards life. Make changes to your environment. Surround yourself with positive influences. Change your habits, that’s probably why you haven’t accomplished much in the past years. Don’t you owe it to yourself? Let’s make this year the year we realize our New Years Resolution. Have a blessed, fulfilling, healthy, successful and happy new year!!