So Im sitting here writting the lyrics to this song and I think to myself: How can people just give up and let things go so easily? I cant understand how some people can just do that. Especially when its something that means alot. Something that you feel for. Isn’t your happiness worth the fight? Don’t you think you deserve the best? So why in your right mind would you let something so dear to you, something so precious, so valuable…  just go? Think of that mission you took just to have some chicken fingers and fries from Planet Wings… lol good times. Really though, think of all the trouble you go through just for the little things. If only you applied that same effort and energy into obtaining your goals. Don’t get discouraged if at first you dont succeed. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Be persistant and keep on trying. There’s hope while you’re still breathing. 

Personally, giving up is not an option. Not when it comes to something that moves my soul. Something that goes beyond the material and physical. I can’t just let go and act as if it doesn’t matter when it does. I am not an actress and my life is not a movie. This is real, and I’m as real as it gets. To tell you the truth, I love myself sooo much I’m willing to go the extra mile just to make me happy. Because I know I deserve it. Im a warrior in this battle called Life. I fight for what I stand for and what I believe in. And I will fight to the very end.