I know I’ve done some crazy things this year. But I’ve also done some good. You know in all I do, my intentions are always good. I might step out of line sometimes, but what can I say… Im only human. I know you ought to get tons of letters from good kids and bad kids and some in between. Sorta like me. And I know most kids ask for all types of gifts and presents but Santa, dear old Santa, please overlook the naughty things I’ve done and grant me this wish. I promise I’ll try my best to behave. Santa, dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for my viejita to be at home in good health and surrounded by all those she holds close to her heart. Even though my brothers nor I won’t be able to be with her in person, we will be there in mind and spirit.  Please make this possible, for all my family to be reunited and together in such a moment at such a wonderful time of the year. And one more thing Santa, Please give me strength.