Karma is a bitch, so I heard. Can be very deadly if you live life wrong. Karma has the power to turn things around to make it all favorable or not so favorable.

There are individuals that don’t realize how their decisions today will influence their tomorrow. Playing with fire and taunting the devil like it’s some kind of game. You are bound to get burned. Some tend to act without any care, dismissing the consequences. Are they really that oblivious? Or could it be that life has beat them down so hard that they live each moment without a purpose? How could you live like that? A meaningless soul is doomed to perdition.

Take a minute to contemplate your life. Yes, it’s been a hard journey but think of all you’ve got to live for. What do you really want? What are you doing to attain what you deeply desire? What are you doing with yourself? Just take a second to reflect on all you’ve done. Anything you’re proud of? Think of those you’ve done wrong and find a way to make amends. 

Remember: Karma is a bitch.