When Im in your arms, I feel so good. It feels so right yet I feel deprived. Why must we fight the feeling if you feel it too? Lets just enjoy the moment, let ourselves go. If it’s meant to be, it’ll work out. It’ll last. Just forget what might be and lets enjoy each second of it. I know you feel it too because when we kiss it’s so intense, our souls unite as one. I know you feel it too because in your touch I feel the passion, I see the fire in your eyes, I feel the heat when you caress me. Why do you hold yourself back when I’m so willing? If I am willing, why are you afraid? Just let yourself go, I will catch you. This feeling is too strong to ignore and dismiss, I know you feel it too. You’ve proven it to me on more than one occasion, so why deny what can be? We make such a great team, we compliment eachother. Let me do for you, as you can do for me. Let me make you feel like king of the world, and make me feel like I’m the only gurl; you’ve done it once before.

Simplemente quiero quererte, jamas en tu camino oponerme. Quiero respaldarte y que igual me respaldes tu a mi. Quiero compartir los buenos momentos, y tambien poder confiar en ti como tu en mi. Quiero verte triunfar, y los dos nuestras metas alcanzar. Sabes que te abri mi corazon, como a nadie jamas lo habia hecho. Veo algo en ti, y siento algo cuando estas aki. Se que tu tambien sientes igual, me lo haz demostrado. 🙂 Solo quiero estar a tu lado, si tu supieras… Solo quiero lo mejor para ti, y para mi. No tengas miedo de vivir el momento.