Sometimes I wish people could experience a day as myself. Since people like to assume, falsely accuse and judge me. Lets see if you could handle as much as I do. If you once knew me, but really knew me, then you probably noticed I’m still the same just grown up. If you once knew me yet know little of me, then please, you don’t know me. If you’re just getting to know me, stick around and get to know me, then go from there.

It’s been hard to accept the fact that it’s a cold and lonely world. You can’t trust nobody. It took several disappointments to finally take my dad’s word. Many say to me: But if it’s so lonely, so tough & difficult, so fukd up, so shady, why do you do it? I do it because I have a purpose. My purpose is not to dominate the world or possess luxuries & riches. My purpose is not fame nor vainglory. God knows ima simple gurl and I’m happy with a comfortable & healthy life. My purpose, my drive, my motivation, my whole reason for existence is: My Viejita, My Family.

I appreciate and respect the advice I get from my elders but with all your respect please do not shoot me down & try and take this from me. Instead pray for me and support me. The best advice is a mother’s advice. That and her faith in me and blessings, that’s good enough to keep me fueled. You don’t know all I’ve sacrificed and all I’ve put in to get where I stand. You don’t know all I’ve overcome and all I’ve accomplished. You don’t know how many sleepless nights and long hardworked days I’ve spent. You don’t know how many tears I’ve shed and how many fronts I’ve put up to hide it. Nobody knows, only God. Just because my actions do not appeal to you and your standards it does not give you the right to assume what I am doing with my life isn’t correct. And because I’m not ballin and flauntin shit doesn’t mean I’m not on my grind. Never judge a book by it’s cover. Open it, read it, get familiar and learn something.

I look at myself and I know I’m a trustworthy individual. I believe there are others like me. I just haven’t come across many red apples. Everyone can be successful, you just have to put yourself to it & just do it ( like nike). What sets you apart is how you do it. That’s why I like to surround myself with like-minded individuals. Focused, driven, fearless, life-loving, positive individuals. Individuals who respect, support & understand the hustle. Self-starters, motivated and determined. Those are the type of people on my team, and there isn’t many. So respect my hustle, stand beside me & join me in this journey or get out my way.

Don’t judge me nor be blinded by my past or the things I do, just see within and embrace the friendship, the loyalty & the realness that I offer.

Ain’t nothin BUT Love here. It would be appreciated if it were returned. 🙂