We tend to compare Life to many things. Each Life story is an open book. Open, not because anyone can easily read it and understand it but, open because it is still in the works. Our stories have still not yet concluded. Those stories which already have come to an end, may each protagonist rest in peace and dwell in the presence of our Heavenly Father.


I have ended a chapter in the story of my life and have entered a new one. At this point I see my Life as an ocean. An open sea, with infinite and endless possibilites. I am surely sailing against all odds and make it through each storm. Enjoying and embracing the warmth of the sun when my skies are clear. However, I cannot see the shore. I dont know how far I am from it and how much longer it will be before I see it. All I know is that I am the captain, I am in control and I will keep on sailing. Regardless of the weather and the struggles I have to overcome just to stay on board, I will keep on sailing. No matter how many sharks and giant squids and sea creatures I have to take down that try to attack me, I will keep on sailing. No matter how strong the winds may blow and how raging the waters crash against me, I will keep on sailing. Even if its only me, nothing formed against me shall prosper if God is on my side. I will let Him guide me in the most difficult times as well as the smooth sailing, and I will just ride the wave.

I will reach my shore & conquer the seas… and a new chapter will begin.

Call me Odysseus, Im just a Woman on a Mission