I’m opening a door to my mind and you’re welcomed to share my world.

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First off: if you don’t agree with me, believe in me, nor have faith in me: I don’t give a fuhk *50mph* hah. I know who I am and what I’m about. The only one whom I have to rendirle cuentas to is God. Second of all, I keep it RAW. I will not, and refuse to, sugarcoat my thoughts and opinions to appeal to anybody. This is Me. I have been raised well by my parents, Im just a little potty-mouthed so you’ll just have to excuse me. Take me as I am.

I know that the path I have chosen to lead is not an easy one. I will encounter many obstacles and at times will fall. One thing Ive learned: I am on my own, so when I find myself at these crossroads, speedbumps and potholes; I gotta find the way to overcome them and if I fall, get back up and continue on my way. Like many, I have a story to tell. Its never-ending. Join me in my journey. Live each moment with me. Share my struggles and my successes.

For those of you who don’t know me; Im a vocalist, entertainer, fashion designer and sound engineer. The possibilities are endless so why limit yourself when you are capable of so much?

I’ve been singing since I was four years old. Encouraged by my mother to take the microphone and share my gift with the world, broken in by my sister Maria who helped me discover the talent I had hiding within and trained by professionals to reach my full potential. At first, singing was just a hobby. Something I did in school and county choirs. At 13 years old, I realized that singing was more than “a thing to do”, it was a way to express myself and feel good. Praising God in song became a spiritual essentiality that I continue to do. I began to write songs and compose them on a synthesizer my father had bought me for Christmas. Shortly afterwards, I began singing in church, live revivals, concerts, events such as Fashion Shows, and competitions. Once I turned 18, I became obsessed with hardcore hiphop and reggaeton urbano so I began to rap. The lyrics flowed naturally. I would have freestyle battles with friends on the block or just random dudes that would hear me. Even my bro-in-law would get amped up and try to battle me. I always won of course, lol. My brother-in-law had a set of Technics so when he or my sister Teresa weren’t home I would get down on the turntables and write to some of the instrumentals he had in the racks. Shhh… don’t tell him though! About a year later, my sister Marina encouraged me to begin recording so I did just that and my first mixtape I’ll Be Alright was made. Very few copies were made due to the fact that I produced it myself and my resources were limited. Years after, I decided to make the drastic decision to move to Los Angeles and officially pursue my dream to make singing and music a career. You can hear some of my work at http://www.soundcloud.com/la-e

As for fashion, I’ve always had a passion for it as well. Growing up in a home with a lot of girls, and being the youngest one, I saw so many styles trend and fade away. I remember as a child taking trips to Manhattan to go fabric shopping with my mom. You see, my mother was a Fashion major from the University of San Miguel. Back in El Salvador, in my mom’s youth, her dream was to be a Fashion Designer. I remember being a little munchkin sitting beside my mom and her turquoise Singer vintage sewing machine, watching her make me a dress. I was about 5 years old when I hand-sewed my first little outfit for my barbie. My sisters and I used to have Fashion Shows for our barbies. Maria always made the nicest gowns. We would tear our justanes (slips) and make dresses for our dolls, Mom would get so mad. I would always draw women in my notebooks and draw different styles that would look good on different body types. As I grew up, I became such a fashionista even my older sisters would ask me for fashion advice. At age 14, I began taking sewing classes in school and making alterations at home. I began to get more practice with the alterations I was making, I moved onto making clothes for my little dolls… my neices. At age 16, I was designing my own clothes and creating my own look. For a couple of years I discontinued the craft but in 2008 I picked up a sketch pad and began designing different styles for women with curves. That was the birth of my clothing line which is currently in the works and soon to be available to all of you. However, there are some designs that are available for wholesale purchase. Also, I presently do custom designs for any occasion. I’m very versatile. If interested, please contact me for more information: nvd_designs@mindoflae.com.

Sound engineering is a new craft I’ve picked up along my journey. I studied Recording Arts and Production at The Los Angeles Film School. At the moment I am scoring an independent film (facebook.com/Twist.Of.Fate123), as well as a webisode that is in the works. I have done sound editing and designing for indie video games that are yet to be released. However, I have a sample of where all the sound editing and designing as well as music placement was done by me (Gears of War 3 trailer). I have a crew of trained professionals and own quality equipment for on location sound of any kind; whether it be short films, feature, indie, documentaries, skits, showcases, game shows, interviews… you name it. Inquire for more info and pricing: nvd_sound@mindoflae.com.


Welcome, and take a look into my world. Step into my mind and see Life as I see it. This site is under construction. Soon you’ll be able to not only read my blogs but listen to and download my music, view exclusive videos and photos, and I will be opening my clothing store online and ONLY HERE at MindOfLaE.com so stay posted!

Much thanx to my Family, friends, and fans that have believed in me and supported me since day one. I LOVE YOU!! I greatly appreciate your support, God Bless! 🙂